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Who We Are and Our Services

We are a handful of talent acquisition personnel who have worked in the giant companies of the sector, who want to create a service with the skills and knowledge they have and make them benefit from a wider audience. As a recruiter and a candidate at the same time, we know both sides and we want to share the key points in the recruitment process. We know that we do not cheat, we want to raise awareness. We do not recommend being different from you in any of the services we provide. All we want is to show you how you can best express yourself, sometimes in a few pages, sometimes in a few hours. 

For now we just want to look at your resumes and help you improve them.


Our services

Now we also provide CV preparation service!

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CV Review

Let recruiters evaluate your resume and send you a detailed report. You will be one step closer to the job of your dreams if you prepare your resume again by heeding our recommendations.

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CV Preparation

We believe resumes should be highly personal. We help you get your dream job by getting to know you and preparing a CV that recruiters can't say no to.



In addition to our CV services, we help you with your career planning for one year if you choose the "Advisor" plan. 

Let's have a look.

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