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What Do We Look  in Our Resume Review Service?

We identified what recruiters and managers look for in a resume and gathered them under several headings. Let us tell you what kind of review you should expect if you have not received service from us.

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Visual Presentation and Structure

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CV Writing

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Digital Readiness

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CV Scan

Görsl Sunum ve Yapı
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Every job done professionally is actually a sale because you always market yourself first. It may be a cliché, but it is true. Your resume is a flyer in which you describe yourself. How ads appear is very important. 

We look at your CV and give you and specific design advice for the sector you work for - or want to work for. At the same time, we show you how we can customize a CV, which is completely specific to you, while remaining within the standards. Even though every finger is alike, their fingerprints are unique, you might think of it that way.

1. Visual Presentation and Structure

CV Yazmı
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2. CV Writing

Recruiters may have to view and review hundreds of resumes a day for many positions. Not only recruiters, but also technical experts and managers work to filter resumes. We tell you the critical points that catch their eye in such a cramped calendar and guide you so that you can replace the expressions you use with expressions specific to the industry and business life. 

We tell you how you should use expressions to make a difference in positions where you compete with tens, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people, and to stand out in search results on platforms such as LinkedIn.

Dijital Okunurluk
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3. Digital Readiness

The era of paper resumes is over. Everything is now on the platforms you read this on. As such, the digital readability of your resume is also important. Just as we do not want to present our CV on a crumpled paper, we do not want to have a very large, cumbersome resume, corrupted when uploaded, or in non-standard formats.

The review we sent you includes the size of your resume, its format, and suggestions on how to fix it if it is a problem uploading.

CV Tarama
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4. Scan

The vast majority of companies now use cloud-based applications called applicant tracking systems. Some of them produce these software on their own, while others buy them from outside. However, the common feature of all of them is that they are cloud-based and integrate the information into themselves by analyzing all the information in their resume. This is a solution that allows filtering thousands of resumes, a tool that facilitates process tracking, and an effective method for protecting personal data. We test its performance by uploading the resume to one of the most popular software in Turkey and around the world. We show which information platforms can recognize and which ones they cannot, with reasons.


5. Career Advice

Sometimes we like to go out of bounds. If we see students or recent graduates, we also give them career advice about the sector, but this is not a standard practice. We just want to show those who are new to professional life what options they have.

Just in case, we allocate a few sentences to this area, just in case, just because there is an area that we know that he does not know. 

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